How to have a Spa weekend at Home


The end of another long week has finally arrived, and after the Friday cake binge at work, I really need some good ol’ fashion self care. My nails are chipped, my lips are dry, my hair needs a good wash and my legs need a good shave, especially with the beautiful weather that has been hitting the UK by total surprise.

Sadly, payday is a week too far away from my greedy little hands, so I couldn’t afford to splurge on an evening at my local spa, but this isn’t my first rodeo, and I am a pro at transforming my bathroom into a luxurious oasis for the soul.

If like me, you need some relaxing time to yourself, keep reading for some great tips.


Candles are the most important part of creating a peaceful atmosphere. Not only do they give you something pretty to look at, they also smell great, and you can lose yourself while staring at the little dancing flame, which always seems to take my sorrows away.


Ever wondered why, when you step into a massage room at your local spa, you suddenly feel relaxed? Well, in part it’s the lighting, but mostly, it’s the music that is being played on the stereo.
Birds chirping, a calming melody and the sound of the wind passing by a tree.
There are tons of apps on your phone for ‘Spa Music’ or ‘Relaxing Sounds’. Download one, pick your favourite and drift away.


When we first met, Harry hated baths. “WHAT?? Then you’re not doing it right”. That was my response to his crazy statement, and I still very much believe that. He was using water that was too hot, and wasn’t using the right bubble bath or bath salts.

Remember when you were little, and your mum used to test the water with her elbow to check if it was too hot? That’s the trick. Yes, you want your bath water to be lovely and warm, but you don’t want to cook like a poached chicken breast either. Always test the temperature with your elbow as you go (not right at the end), so you can make adjustments and you don’t end up with a tub full of boiling water, which means you’ll end up needing to drain some to add some cold water. That doesn’t help with your stress, and you’ll be messing around for ages, before finally giving up.

Now: the bubble bath and bath salts. Everyone is different and we all prefer different things. Some might like mossy scents, some roses, and some lavender. I personally have been using the Champneys ‘A Well Earned Treat’ in Summer Dream Bubble Heaven (it actually smells like heaven and leaves your skin so so soft), and L’Occitane Lavande Foaming Bath. Together, they make the most beautiful, relaxing bubbles ever. The smell of lavender helps with stress too, so that’s an added bonus!


So many people get in the bath, sit there, read a book, or just think about things. And that’s perfectly fine!¬†However, I like to use that time to not only read my book, but also to be productive with my beauty routine. I have a little table that I position right outside the bath, with my lip scrubs, face creams, nail files, etc. and I make sure I do whatever needs to be done first, before finally reading my book or just sinking in the bubbles.


I always shower straight away after a bath. I will normally have a cooler shower than usual – definitely not cold though! – to bring my body temperature down, and it helps me wake up and feel refreshed. I always use that time to shave, wash my hair, and lather my body with the Ted Baker Body Wash in Pretty Pearl.


Finally, top off your relaxing evening with a deliciously scrumptious cup of tea (decaf, or you’ll never sleep!) or a herbal tea. It will help you drift off and have the best night’s sleep you’ve had in years.



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    great post! I need to do this soon and schedule some “me” time!

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